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SEE BODY.2019. - YunJung Kim

The body becomes nature. What is the meaning of dance?

We are all in the same community but different individuals. Nature has its own way of being and so does the body. Get in touch with your body, explore the anatomy of the body; how the body moves and the bone structure. Study your body from every movement become aware of it through touch and form. Engage with nature through the body. Approach, speak, communicate with the body creating a relationship between you and nature, becoming one. If the wind is my body, if the blue sky is my body, the trees are my body, the land, and the deep waters of the sea.

Language: English

Unheard Spaces - Manuel Oberka

Unheard spaces is an experimental lab that explores, manipulates, and reinterprets the sounds in the spaces we are surrounded by. The participants will leave behind the visual world that bombards us everyday with its infinite images and messages. Instead we will explore the world entirely through the sounds it produces and engage with unheard spaces in an acoustic way.

Language: Italian and German

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LASCIA che SCIVOLI - Nadia Tamanini

Enter into words and swim across poetic texts of Italian and other foreign authors from antiquity to today. Play, dismantle, and reassemble them to bring new compositions to life. A collage made up of rhythm rather than searching for a sense, and collect sounds to match them, isolate, or layer them. From the page to action. Bring the words out, translate the sounds into gesture, give the body and voice space to express, twist itself in the city spaces, from a bench to a tree along the river, let your self go beyond structure and form.

/lascia che scivoli

la scimmia moscia

lungo la fascia con la camoscia

la scimmia scivola

la fascia è liscia

ma sulla sciabola

c’era una biscia/

“Alfabetiere”, B. Munari

Language: italian

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A project produced by Weigh Station and supported by Youth Policy Office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and Municipality of Bolzano-Bozen.